Floating: My 90 minutes of bliss

Several months ago, my friend Jessica started raving about float tanks. Jessica - like me raves about all her new discoveries - and she's usually right (ESPECIALLY about Christmas prep). She began describing a sensory deprivation tank filled with 10 inches of body-temperature water and 1000 pounds of salt. You float in the pure dark with no sound for an hour or so. She described as rejuvenating and relaxing.

Find your Enneagram the EASY way

As I recently shared I've become incredibly interested in the Enneagram Personality Types, there are lots of ways to figure out your Enneagram from short quizzes to books to hiring Enneagram coaches.

However, this week I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts - The Lively Show - and the host Jess Lively was interviewing Leigh Kramer, an Enneagram expert. Leigh was listing the basic types and the healing attitudes that are helpful for each type. Much of what she was sharing I'd heard before but when she shared the healing attitudes it really connected me.

As in, she read the healing attitudes for my number and I started to cry.

JORD Wood Watches and a Giveaway


I've come around on watches. For a long time, I thought I didn't need one. Then, I found a watch I loved and decided I needed ONE good watch. Then, I branched out even further and found watches can serve all types of functions from productivity to style.

Even once I started wearing stylish watches, it took me far too long to figure out that I couldn't just like the way the watch looked I had to like the way the watch felt.

Enter JORD Wood Watches.

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JORD reached out for collaboration I was immediately excited. First, the watches are gorgeous. Even more important than that, it's HOT and something about a wooden watch seemed preferable to metal in the heat of a Kentucky summer.

I was right. This watch is gorgeous and lightweight and just feels like it breathes.

I also really like the size of the women's watch which feels stylish but not clunky. They also have men's watches if you're still without a Father's Day present!

If you want to check out JORD for yourself, click here to enter a $75 gift card and take a JORD wood watch of your very own. 


JORD Wood Watches provided me with a watch in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 


I don't feel mad. I don't feel shocked. The numbers don't even affect me anymore 3, 16, 32, 50.

The numbers increase. Nothing changes.

I consider myself an optimistic person. I consider myself a hopeful person. I give people the benefit of the doubt. I find the lessons to be learned. I count two steps forward and one step back as a success. 

But I was 16 when I experienced gun violence firsthand and now every year brings another tragedy. Columbine. Virginia Tech. Sandy Hook. Now a new deadliest shooting in American history. Orlando. 

I feel helpless - even worse - I feel hopeless.

I have to believe we care. I have to believe we want better but nothing ever changes and I'm beginning to believe nothing ever will.

I am THROUGH with swimsuits

Let me ask you this. What have swimsuits ever done for you?

You know what they've done for me? A hot mess of nothing. Even the best ones are ill-fitting, expensive, and downright uncomfortable.

So, you know what?

I'm through. Swimsuits and I are parting ways. A few years ago I adopted a rashguard and it was LIFE. CHANGING. Do you know how much mental energy I spent preventing (often unsuccessfully) sunburns? A lot. Getting the right sunscreen. Applying the right amount of sunscreen. Wearing the sunscreen for the right amount of time. RE-applying sunscreen. Constantly seeking out shade no matter how much sunscreen I had on.

Let's not even talk about the new study that says many sunscreens are a downright lie.

Often, it was all for naught anyway.

There is no sunscreen on God's green earth that can keep me protected in the water for longer than about 15 minutes so snorkeling, swim lessons, or just plain old enjoying the pool were out. 

Add in keeping my three children protected and FORGET IT.

Throwing a rashguard on my kids was amazing and it took me far too long to realize that I could wear one as well.

Still, there were my legs to worry about. I would often just throw a beach towel over my legs if shade couldn't be found but that's hot and uncomfortable.

Speaking of uncomfortable, wearing basically underwear (even if it has a cute skirt) while trying to keep up with three boys is a fool's errand. Add sand in any form or getting in and out boats and let's just say I was constantly pulling and tugging and making sure everything was in its proper place.

ALSO, not to put too fine of a point on it, I am about to turn 35 years old and I am never going to get another bikini wax as long as I live. 

Because I am a grown-ass woman and if that means anything it should mean being able to opt out of someone pouring hot wax on the most sensitive part of your body.


So, I have purchased myself a pair of swim leggings. They are adorable. They are lightweight and comfortable. Paired with one of my rashguards they offer coverage and comfort and sun protection for as long as I want to be outside. 

I am IN LOVE and I am through with swimsuits forever.