12 Pieces of Great Advice

Image courtesy of  FLURT

Image courtesy of FLURT

So, here's the thing. Lena Dunham is my favorite person. Ok, not favorite as in FAVORITE of all time. She's my favorite person who I don't actually know.

I'm officially unseating Oprah. That's how much I love Lena.

She has a new book Not That Kind of Girl (which I have obviously already pre-ordered) coming out and to promote it she did this awesome series of advice videos that are not to be missed. Everything I love about her is present in these videos - her intelligence, her sense of humor, her empathy. 

1. Can you dress provocatively and be a feminist?

" I bought a see through rain dress. I don't have a lot of place to wear it but I'm gonna."

2. How to make peace with your body

"Where as when I was at my biggest - and like running around Brooklyn in a romper - it was raining men."

3. When to end a friendship

"I'll hope you buy it but even if you don't I still feel very connected to you."

4. Why you shouldn't sleep with "garbage trash people"

"I had a train of the most disastrous despicable van dwelling monsters in my bed and in my life."

5. Overcoming insecurities as a writer

"And by sharing things that are close to you, you will connect to other people who feel alone in the world."

6. On Mental Illness

I just love that she included this one, which isn't funny or clever, but rather important and empathetic.

7. How to deal with bullies

"A foreigner!! 

8. Ending bad sex

"I don't think I even thought about whether I was enjoying sex until I was like 25."

9. What if your partner isn't funny

"It's right up there with - you know - don't hit me in the face and be vaguely attractive."

10. How to stop obsessing about death

"It's actually a little comical to me that I would think I have any authority to be afraid of it."

11. Comparing yourself to others

"Keep your side of the street clean."

 12. Being told to be quiet

"Then I also said the word vagina very loud in the chocolate store."

Bonus points to whoever can find those kick ass earrings she has on.

P.S. Another female writer I love.