2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Recently, I stopped by WSIL News-3 This Morning and had a fabulous time talking with Kevin Hunsperger about my favorite gift ideas for the 2014 Holiday Season. I take a little bit different approach to gift guides then most. Instead of following the latest gift-giving trends, I keep an eye out all year long for unique products that make me (or my family and friends) sit up and take notice. I literally keep a notebook and jot down every time I think "Wow, what a great idea!" or a friend raves about something.

Then, I round them all up for y'all at the end of the year ... with some giveaways of course!

For her

If you live in the world, you know that essential oils are HUGE right now. The ESSIO Aromatherapy Shower Kit is a new and unique way to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine. The kit includes the attachment device that clips onto your shower head and 3 essential oil pods. Once attached, the pods dangle in the water stream diffusing the essential oils and turning your shower into a spa!

I've been using mine in the evenings to relax and absolutely love it!

Win an ESSIO Aromatherapy Shower Kit!

I bought a pair of these adorable felt slippers at a charity auction early in the fall. Then, I brought them home and NEVER. TOOK. THEM. OFF. Apparently, the employee who donated them to the auction is also a huge fan and has tried numerous pairs of slippers off Etsy and these are the BEST. Made by hand by a woman name Katerina in Russia, they have real leather bottoms and are so, so warm and comfortable. 

Win a pair of Felt Slippers from RainbowWool!

Surprise! Erin Condren made the list. I know my love of all things Erin in well-documented but I can't help it if she keeps knocking it out the park. I briefly mentioned her fabulous acrylic trays in my last video with Shannon but I have only fallen deeper in love since then. It is the perfect adorable catchall at the end of my counter and would make such a fantastic gift for your best friend or favorite sister. 

Win one of TWO $50 gift cards Erin Condren is giving away!

For Him

I first saw the genius work of Josiah Morgan on Modern Mrs. Darcy and was immediately taken. Josiah creates tintype prints using modern digital images and the 160 year old process of tin typing.  This is not a photoshop filter, y'all. This is the real deal.

At this moment in time, we find ourselves searching again for the imperfect but wonderful human touch that exists in handmade photography. Don’t get us wrong, we love our digital cameras, camera phones, and inkjet printers. But when it comes time take a photo out of the digital cloud and physically put in our home and life, there is something to be said for doing it using very old techniques.

Wetplate photography allows us to rediscover the magic of handmade silver-based photography—and it provides a durable, long-lasting image.
— Josiah Morgan

Josiah told me that holding one in person is like holding a diamond...a picture just can't compare. He was absolutely right. The one he created for me has the most beautiful depth and shine. This would be perfect for your history buff or dad looking to add something special to his office decor.

Josiah is offering 10% off your total order with the code BLUEGRASSREDHEAD.

If your husband is like mine, he likes to carry a pocket knife. He doesn't own only one pocket knife, however. Oh no! Apparently, knives are like shoes. You can't have too many. Well, no one understands that better than Kershaw Knives. They have a wide array of knives from a small everyday carry like the Shuffle to the Kershaw-Rick Hinderer designed award-winning Cryo.

If you want to get a gift the man in your life will actually appreciate, look no further than Kershaw. 

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If you have a loved one already suffering from seasonal affective disorder (truthfully this would be a great gift for him or her!), then the Philips Wake-up Light is a great gift. More than just an alarm clock, the Wake-up Light simulates the sunrise in the dark winter mornings making even the bleakest beginning more enjoyable. I've had several friends rave about how they went from being best friends with the snooze button to facing the day with a smile on their face.

Win a Wake-up Light from Philips!