A Gift To Make You Shine


Tis the season of gift guides! I like gift guides. I do. However, instead of searching out things to include in a gift guide I decided to sit back and let the gifts come to me. All year long I've been keeping careful tracks of the products that I absolutely loved, products that I couldn't stop talking about, products that I had to share with you!

Last year I awoke on Christmas morning to find these beauties from Kara by Kara Ross under the tree for me!


In full disclosure, they weren't exactly a surprise. I had picked them out myself. I knew I had to have them the minute I saw them. I love studs but get bored with the usual options. I loved that these had a modern edge and that they were both gold and silver. 

Then, I started wearing them. These babies go with EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. I wear them every stinking day. I wear them so much I call them my Suze Orman earrings (in case, you didn't know old Suze only owns one pair). I have seriously considered giving all of my other earrings away.

So, I reached out to the fantastic team at Kara Ross and told them I had to feature these in my gift guide. Lucky for all of you, they generously agreed to give away a pair!


I love that these have the same unexpected twist on a classic style and really wish I could win my own giveaways. Alas, one of you will be the lucky winner!

I'm doing this final giveaway a bit differently. It will run for a full week and I will announce the winner on Christmas Day! Plus, I'm letting you earn one big 10 point entry for subscribing to my weekly newsletter.

For those of you already subscribed, this will be an easy entry! For everyone else, I send an email every Saturday morning in which I share more personal reflections than I usually do on the blog, as well as a weekly round up of my favorite articles, music, books, or whatever that I've found that week.

Here's an example.

So, leave a comment below telling us your favorite piece of jewelry and then use the Rafflecoppter box to log all your entries!