A Day At The Farm

Griffin's pre-k class has been "studying" farms. Since I LOVE a field trip, I arranged for us to visit my dear friend Ellie's family dairy farm LeCows Dairy.  Ellie is a third-generation farmer (and raising a fourth generation!) with such an infectious passion for farming and farm life. We learned so much from her about what it takes to get the food we enjoy to our tables.

It was the most amazingly beautiful day and we saw baby cows, spunky goats, self-confident chickens, dogs, ducks, geese. You name it we saw it.

We had so much fun I was entertaining grand visions of my own family moving to a which point Amos took a swim in the chicken trough and I was reminded of why I live in a subdivision.

We still had a fabulous time and have plans to return for a picnic soon! 

5 photo projects to capture your year

Recently, I completed my fourth Week in the Life project. Every year I spend one week taking photos, journaling, and basically documenting seven ordinary days. This is a wonderful project created by Ali Edwards and I love it because we spend so much time documenting the special occasions sometimes those everyday moments get missed.

I thought it might be fun to share the other projects I complete throughout the years as well.