Week in the Life

5 Ways My Life Has Changed In 5 Years

One of my favorite lyrics from one of my favorite songs of all time is the line from the Indigo Girl's Watershed - Every five years or so I look back on my life and I have a good laugh.

Last week, I completed my FIFTH year of a Week in the Life and the anniversary gave me just a chance to look back and have a good laugh. As I flipped through my first Week in the Life in 2010, I was overwhelmed by how much our lives have changed. The years have passed so quickly that I haven't been able to take a step back and see that in almost every area our lives are different. 

Week in the Life 2014

Big celebrations are fun. Christmas. Anniversaries. They all deserve their day. However, the everyday is where we live our lives and deserves to be celebrated as well. 

Every year to celebrate and document my family's everyday lives I participate in Ali Edwards' A Week in the Life. For one week, I take photos every where we go and of every thing we do. I keep receipts, make notes of our schedule, and generally document every little detail. 

This is my FIFTH week in the life. I can't believe how much our lives have changed since July 2010 when Griffin was just a baby, but I am so so glad I have A Week in the Life to help me reflect on all those changes every year. We're technically doing another one before an entire year has passed but I wanted to capture the spring and our lives with two little ones in preschool so 9 months was close enough!

Here are photos from a week in our lives. 

Week in the Life 2013: August 6

Yesterday, we had friends over to play and had our very first tea party. It was a huge success with Batman and Captain American and Spiderman being invited along. Amos took an almost four hour nap so there was lots of reading and relaxing the second half of the day. Mimi came over for dinner and I spent the rest of my evening watching the rest of Orange is the New Black.  

Week in the Life 2013: August 5

Yesterday was a lazy day. Part of the reason I picked this week was I knew we had no commitments - no places to be. With Griffin starting 5 day a week preschool next week, I'm feeling a little sad about the loss of lazy days spent in our pajamas. I stayed in my pjs until about 4 and there was lots of game playing, iPad playing, and general lazing about. It was awesome.

Yesterday is also the day Griffin learned to photo bomb.  So there's that.