Everything you know about "stranger danger" is wrong! FREE WEBINAR with Safety Expert Pattie Fitzgerald

Last year, I read a post by Checklist Mommy entitled Tricky People Are the New Strangers. In the post, Sarah shares the advice she learned from child safety expert Pattie Fitzgerald on how to protect your children from child predators. 

At this point, I had already written my own post about how I believe the emphasis we place on sex offender registries is misplaced. Finally, I had an expert explaining how to place the emphasis on your child and teaching him or her to protect themselves.   

In fact, I was so impressed I immediately emailed Pattie and said I wanted to interview her, which I did on Salt & Nectar last year.

When I recently decided to launch bluegrass redhead Webinars, I knew EXACTLY who I wanted for my first expert - Pattie Fitzgerald. Every interaction I've ever had with Pattie has left me impressed and hungering for more. She knows the insides and outs of how children think and how predators prey on that. Her advice is incredibly insightful, useful and easy to follow and I can't WAIT for all of you to meet her.

My Webinar with Pattie will be Thursday, September 12th, at 8pm CST . So, put the kids to bed (or distract them with pizza if you're on the West Coast) and come learn some seriously useful information on how to protect your kids. 

The webinar will last approximately an hour and you can listen through your computer or phone. However, there is LIMITED SPACE  so REGISTER HERE and RESERVE YOUR SPACE!