Flashback Friday: My Book About Me


Welcome to Flashback Friday, where I delve deep into the piles of my childhood memorabilia so that we can reminisce, laugh at the bad perms, and finally prove that merely throwing away your NKOTB door hanging does not diminish your love for Jordan Knight.

I thought since we've already talked All About Us - we should probably discuss My Book About ME!

In a little insight that should surprise NO ONE, I like to talk about myself. This is a passion I did not discover with the advent of the internet. Oh no! This is a passion I have been pursuing for a very long time.

For a small child who loves to talk and write and REALLY loves to talk and write about herself, My Book About Me is basically the perfect present. (And they still sell it for those of you who love your children.)  I had TWO Books About me and I filled each one of them out several times - scribbling out my previous responses or writing right over them with marker. 

I can still remember counting the steps to my mailbox and collecting autographs for the different pages. I loved recording my likes and dislikes and I LOVED thinking about my future.

At one point, I filled the "I like to write stories" page with a story about my life at 30. It wrote this when I was nine years old. It is AMAZING. 

Hello, my name is Sarah. I'm an actress, signer, and mother. I'm 30 years old. I have 4 kids two girls and two boys. Their names are Carol, Matthew, Joey, and Beth. Their ages are 6 months, 7, 10, 2. We live in Beverly Hills. My husband's name is Joey Mcintyre. We both sing with New Kids on the Block. Our house as 20 bedrooms, 3 kitchens, 40 dinning rooms, 50 bathrooms, and 5 yachts. We have 100 servants and 20 black limousines and I have 50,000 dresses. We have 15 pets - 5 cats, 6 dogs, 2 fish, 2 gerbils. We have 100,0000,00000 dollars. I've made 20 movies. I have 30 Oscars, 20 Grammys, 40 Golden Globes. I own Universal Studios. I love books so I got 10000,00000 books. I have a very nice life.

(Side note: I REALLY should have filmed my interpretative reading of this for my husband. He about lost it.) 

Wowza. Where do we even begin?

First, I was going to be BUSY between my four kids and THIRTY Oscars ... and my pets and my servants and the whole RUNNING A MAJOR MOVIE STUDIO. I had ambition clearly.  Also, I had interesting math skills. I'd made 20 movies but won 30 Oscars? Perhaps I was a producer or screenwriter?


Photo Aug 01, 11 21 08 AM.jpg

Also, what happened to my undying devotion to Jordan Knight?!? I don't even remember liking Joey and suddenly I'm going to marry him?!?  Maybe I felt he was the key to becoming a part of the group. He was John. I was Yoko. That always ends well. 

 I read this and realize that I watched way too much television - how else do you explain all the numbers? Apparently all that mattered is how much of something you had. In order to have a "nice life," my nine-year-old self thought you had to have a lot of everything money, children, careers, possessions.

There are other gems throughout My Book About Me. I love reading my favorite food (pizza), my favorite teacher (Mrs. Dallas), and my favorite book (The Boxcar Children). 




And I love that I have my beloved grandfather's autograph. I love the thought of the smile on his face as he helped me fill out my little book.  

Mainly, I love the little girl whose dreams were big if not a bit misdirected. She knew she wanted to be a mother. She knew she enjoyed people and the spotlight and had the confidence to believe that other's might be interested in what she had to say.

Now, who needs a yacht (or 5!) when you've got that?

Did you own My Book About Me? What were your big dreams at nine years old?