Four Things I Learned in February

1. I have to value progress, not completion.

The campaign lessons are coming hard and fast just two months into the process. I had this vision of raising ALL the money I needed for the campaign and having every ad designed and placed before the end of February. (For those of you with campaign experience, it's cool. I'll wait while you finish laughing.) As someone who values the completion of a task, the ongoing journey of a campaign can feel a bit overwhelming. Yes, there's a hard deadline (hello, May 17th!) but the overall work of the campaign continues the entire time. I'm not going to wrap up one task neatly before I move on to next and I have to accept that. I also have to remember to celebrate the successes and progress as they come instead of beating myself up for still working towards a goal. 

In other words, campaigning is going to be an excellent test of my personality quirks and emotional stumbling blocks. 

2. The easiest way to cook a sweet potato for breakfast.

I'm a big fan of sweet potato hash and eggs for breakfast. I used to grate the sweet potato and fry it but that was a) a lot of work and b) easy to burn. This month I started just popping the sweet potato in the microwave then scraping the cooked inside into the frying pan for a few seconds. So. Much. Easier. Also, just as delicious. 

3. Stitch Fix is awesome.

I posted about the box when it first arrived. It was so fun and exciting to get it in the mail I was worried that after thrill wore off I might have buyer's remorse. Nope! Have been wearing the heck out of the jeans, which was actually the item I was most skeptical of!

4. John Oliver is the king