Gifts To Make You (or someone else) Look Cute


Tis the season of gift guides! I like gift guides. I do. However, instead of searching out things to include in a gift guide I decided to sit back and let the gifts come to me. All year long I've been keeping careful tracks of the products that I absolutely loved, products that I couldn't stop talking about, products that I had to share with you!

Zoubaby - Monogrammed Rain Boots


I first found these boots through a Salt & Nectar holiday giveaway. I could go on and on about how comfortable they are and how they do an excellent job of keeping me dry during rain, sleet, and snow. 

All of that is true.

However, the bigger reason I'm recommending them again is because they are so stinking cute. I'm not even a big monogram person but something about monogramming a rain boot speaks to me. 

And I must not be the only one because I do not leave the house in these boots - EVER - without a bare minimum of two people coming up and complimenting me on them. Usually, it's closer to 5 or 6. Seriously, I've considered carrying around cards with the website on them. 

That's how cute these boots are.

Jag Jeans


I hate shopping for pants - jeans in particular. HATE. I have a small waist and a hips and nothing, nothing, nothing fits right. I always end up with huge gaping holes in the waistband and pants I spend all day hiking up.

Enter Jag Jeans.

I just happened upon them during a Nordstrom online sale when the waistband caught my eye. I know it's a little crazy. I know it looks like a maternity waistband but how many times did you honestly think during pregnancy, "Why can't all pants fit like this?!?"

No more hiking up! No more gaping waistbands! 

Plus, they are super stretchy and comfortable and cute. Nice dark washes without glitter, excessive stitching, or holes in the knees. Not to mention, I wear them every day and they still look brand new after over a year. 

Best. Jeans. Ever.

Tell me your biggest wardrobe issue in the comments to be entered to win either a new pair of boots or a new pair of jeans! Use the Rafflecopter box to rack up more entires!