Holiday Traditions: How many is too many?


I love traditions. In particular, I love complete traditions. I like starting something from the beginning and never missing a moment in the cycle. One of my favorite holiday moments every year is when I put our family holiday cards on display. I have one for all ten years of our marriage. Even the year Nicholas lost his job and we sent email cards, I printed one because I knew I could not stand to have a year missing. 

If I start something, I finish it. If I do it one year, I have to do it every year.

Well, considering there are approximately three million holiday tradition possibilities (BEFORE you search Pinterest) and all of them appeal to me on some level as a Christmas junkie, then what we find ourselves with is a bit of a situation. 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how the Holland family ends up with FIVE advent calendars.

I see an idea and I want to adopt it. Photo-a-day challenges."Snowing In" your neighbors.DIY Snow Globes. They all seem so fun!

Not to mention, every time I create a spontaneous holiday memory then I feel the need to turn it into an every single year holiday tradition. The only problem is if I keep this up there will be no spontaneous holiday memories because we will be too busy cramming in every mandatory holiday experience I've added to our traditions list. 

On the positive side, it shouldn't be difficult to get my children to sleep on Christmas Eve because they will have not slept for the entire month of December!

Luckily, the Christmas elves have thrown me a few bones this year. With regards to one particularly famous elf who lives on a shelf, my husband has drawn a line in the sand. He rightly pointed out we don't need one more daily activity during the holidays. Plus, another elf seems to have hidden a few of my advent calendars and we're down to three! 

I'm also trying to remember just because something is fun once doesn't mean we have to do it every year. We had a crazy fun time last year hunting a tree at Land Between the Lakes but we're skipping it this year in favor of an easier drive to Patti's to enjoy the lights. I truly enjoyed the Advent Walk this year but if we miss it next year, it won't be the end of the world.

However, the Christmas card tradition isn't going anywhere! In fact, I might want to get started on them before another holiday tradition demands my time...

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