My Favorite Children's Authors

This week is Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week. Before having my kids, I think I could probably identify one children’s author by name. Dr. Seuss. I always saw the books as individual works until I started reading 2-3 a night and became a bit of an expert. Now, I’ve found there are children’s authors who I go back to over and over again for engaging stories and beautiful words.  

Mo Willems My absolute favorite children’s author (excluding Dr. Seuss of course), Mo Willems’s stories hilariously capture the frustration of a pigeon constantly being told what it can’t do. Obviously, most kids can identify. We are also huge fans of his Elephant and Piggie series. The first time I read There’s A Bird On Your Head I thought Griffin was going to faint he was laughing so hard. To this day, it’s the hardest I’ve ever seen him laugh.

Ann Dewdney Our family loves any story that begins llama llama. Hooked since the little llama was wearing red pajamas, we’ve followed Dewdney and her little llama through the store, the first day of school, and beyond. I think Dewdney is particularly adept at handling conflicts between parents and kids with sympathy and understanding for both sides.

James Dean The voice behind the indomitable Pete the Cat, Dean perfectly conveys this funky little cat’s can-do spirit be it on the playground or in a mud puddle.

Doreen Cronin The only character that can make Griffin laugh harder than that crazy pigeon is the ever-scheming Duck of Cronin’s barnyard stories. 

Who are your favorite children’s authors?