My NEW favorite solution to the winter doldrums


I hate taking the Christmas decorations down. Not only because it's a tedious task, but also when it's over everything feels so plain. At first, it's not so bad because everything is fresh and clean for New Year's... but then January and February and all the cold, gray days they bring seem to stretch in front of me and I miss the twinkling lights and magic Christmastime brings.

Then, I read this post by my friend Lindsay Ferrier of Suburban Turmoil. In it, she shares how she instituted Winter Wonderland decorations a few years ago. The Christmas decor comes down and she replaces it with snowflakes, frosted branches, and lots of candles to keep the cold months of winter feeling a little more festive. 

This time of year is now something we all look forward to. It’s a time for snuggling in cozy blankets, enjoying the candles and twinkling lights after dark, and spending time together as a family. It really helps make our house a place we want to come home to– and that’s a great thing to focus on during the dreariest months of the year. - See more at:
— Lindsay Ferrier

Brilliant. It reminds me of the term gezelligheid, which we don't really have an English equivalent of but I love just the same. 


I'm in. I know the thought of decorating for another holiday sparks panic in some, but - honestly - it wasn't that big of a deal. I kept out several winter-themed items I had from Christmas and picked up a few clearance items from our local Bargain Hunt.

I'm not trying to fill my entire house like Lindsay does, but just get started this year. I decorated my mantel and dining room with the idea that I'll add to my collection slowly as she has done. Nothing fancy. Nothing complex. Just a little sparkle and candlelight to keep winter feeling magical and not depressing. 


Stay cozy, y'all!

How do you beat the winter doldrums?