My new podcast!

Last year, in the midst of my Emerge Kentucky training, I had a brilliant idea. I would start a podcast about women and politics! I had a long list of people to interview. I even recorded one. I bought a microphone and had the amazing Pam Huber design the rockin' logo you see above.

Then, I just stopped.

I didn't want to do interviews - at least not by myself. In fact, I realized I didn't really want to do a podcast by myself either. So, my idea and my awesome microphone sat there.

Then, Beth reached into my brain and wrote this. 

EUREKA! Beth and I were already having this type of dialogue on the blog. I asked her if she'd be interested in taking our conversations live on a podcast and she was ALL IN.

Add in a husband - who is obsessed with podcasts and a genius at all technology - willing to be our Executive Producer and VOILA! Pantsuit Podcasts.

We break each episode into three parts: The Pearls where we discuss the top news of the week, The Suit where we dive into an issue and try to find common ground, and The Heels where we share something fun (and not necessarily politically related) that is making our lives better.

We're so excited to continue the conversation with each other and all of you!

You can subscribe via iTunes or email so the podcast is delivered right to your mailbox!

I'll also be posting them here on bluegrass redhead. Enjoy!