My newest podcast obsession

Malcolm Gladwell, New York Times bestselling author of Blink and The Tipping Point, has a new podcast and I am OBSESSED.

Revisionist History will go back and reinterpret something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood.Because sometimes the past deserves a second chance.
— Malcolm Gladwell

The entire season is great and covers topics as varied as the fall of Saigon to the best way to shoot a free throw. Every episode - no matter the topic - I find myself exclaiming, "REALLY!?!" 

However, it's a three-part series on college that left me shocked and angry and basically cornering people at parties to inundate them with every detail. (Go ahead and listen now and save yourself the trouble.) He begins with how well we do as a country of capitalizing on talent - especially talent found in very poor areas. (Spoiler alert! Not well.) This episode also contains the most succinct definition of privilege I've ever heard.

The next episode addresses how well colleges use their budgets to reach out to low-income students and the last (and most infuriating) addresses college and their multi-billion dollar endowments

Y'all, go hurry up and listen so we can talk about it!