My top 5 favorite YouTube videos of all time

It's been a little serious around here lately. So, it occurred to me it might be time for an old fashioned laugh. Most YouTube viral videos have a short shelf life. If you miss them during their 2-3 day rise to fame, you might miss them all together. This is really too bad because most of them don't stop being funny. In the interest of extending the hilarity, here are a few of my favorites. 

Action Figure Therapy My friend Dylan introduced me to this little bit of genius. It is not safe for work, but it is hilarious.

It's hot as hell! I shared this one last summer. "Who the hell paying for this meat!?!" I can watch it during a snow storm and still laugh  my butt off. Again, NSFW.

Look at all those... Watch it more than once. Just trust me.

Best Kiss Ok, so this isn't technically hilarious. It's just the best thing to have ever happened on television in the history of television. Do NOT miss Lindsay Lohan's face.

Salesman My newest addition. "BANK ROBBERS!"

Share the videos you watch over and over when you need a laugh!