My word for 2017

My word for 2017 is humility. Inauguration Day seems like the most appropriate time to share that. Election Day 2016 seemed to open my eyes to the importance of humility in ways I hadn't fully realized - through my own electoral victory and Hillary Clinton's electoral defeat. 

I made continuing and deepening that understanding my focus of the year.

For me, humility means pursuing something bigger than yourself - even in the face of your own human weaknesses. For me, humility means working towards goals that can't be accomplished in your lifetime. 

For me, humility means accepting that life is not fair and sometimes goodness is not rewarded. For me, humility means acknowledging that the goal is not be rewarded at all but to persevere. 

For me, humility means looking with honesty and sincerity at my own brokenness so that I can fully accept the brokenness of the world around me.

For so long in my life, I found comfort in control and perfection - in the constant striving. By focusing on humility, I hope to grow more comfortable with the peace found in grace and acceptance and compassion.