Preschool until 2020

Today I'm on Salt & Nectar sharing some scary math.

Next week we register Griffin for kindergarten. I've already made my thoughts on this transition clear. For anyone who needs reminding, I'm not ready and the thought of sending my baby to elementary school makes me want to cry all the tears. 

Then, I got a lovely little reminder that I've still got PLENTY of years of babydom in front of me.

Today I registered Amos for three-year-old preschool. As is often the case, the preschool director, Amos's new teacher, another mother, and I got into a discussion of kindgertarten age deadlines. Since both of my boys were born in early summer, I've never had to worry much about this decision. However, baby #3 is coming in September so suddenly the math is more important to me.

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