Stop Waiting. Start Staining... Plus a giveaway!


This is what it looks like outside my house right now. It's raining cats and dogs which isn't exactly prime DIY weather. See that playground in the background being soaked to the core? It really needs to be restained but between waiting for it to be completely dry and then remain completely dry for 16 hours afterwards... well, there's a reason it's never getting done.

Enter Olympic MAXIMUM® Stain + Sealant in One with WEATHER-READY™ application

Now, you can stain damp wood, which is then rain-ready 8-12 hours after application. Mother Nature is no longer in charge of your DIY plans. You're not at the mercy of precipitation or temperature because Olympic also offers a wider range of application temperatures from 35 F to 90 F... and we reach 90 pretty quickly around these parts.

And speaking of these parts...

The Olympic MAXIMUM ® WEATHER-READY™ stain truck is making its way across these parts RIGHT now with stops today in Clarksville (a little over an hour south of Paducah!) and then on to Knoxville before hitting North Carolina. They are attempting to break the  standing Guinness World Record for the “largest paintbrush mosaic,” while also providing Lowe’s shoppers and guests with interactive demonstrations of Olympic Maximum stain.

Oh! AND Olympic is giving away a $100 Lowes Gift Card to one of y'all!

I received a $150 Lowes Gift Card and Olympic Maximum Stain in exchange for writing this post on the blog. All opinions are my own.