Preparing for Winter with Ryobi Outdoors

I received a free Ryobi 40V Blower from Ryobi and a trip to Ryobi headquarters in exchange for writing a review.  

Well, PREPARING for winter implies winter has not arrived yet but then again...

Maybe we should just say dealing with a winter that showed up early and unexpectedly in NOVEMBER!

Either way, the temperatures have fallen and it's time to bring out the warm blankets and roaring fires. We've had a stack of free wood sitting outside our house for over a year... because who turns down free wood!?! The only problem was most of the logs were WAY too big to use in a fire. 

When Ryobi sent us the 40V Brushless Chainsaw, Nicholas suggested we use it to cut down some of the bigger logs into manageable slices. It worked like a charm without the hassle of gas and oil and had the power of the 40V battery we've gotten used to with the 40V Jet Blower and 40V String Trimmer.

Both Nicholas and I were so impressed with the results and we had our roaring fire that evening to celebrate!