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Boys and Dolls: A New Era of Play

Boys and Dolls:  A New Era of Play

I could not be more excited to welcome my dear friend Kristen Johnson to the blog today to share about her new passion project that so closely aligns with my values when it comes to raising boys - it's dang near scary.  

My boys love dolls.  My almost-four-year-old carries a baby doll regularly with him to school.  He loves to dress dolls, talk to them, give them milk, and dance with them.  His dolls are in his toy set and just another part of his pretend play routine.  No big deal to him.

The Real Problem With Pink Legos

My daughter turned four at the beginning of February. She’s interested in building things, pretend play, super heroes, and animals. Between those interests and the twin gift-giving holidays of her birthday and Christmas, my partner and I have had a lot of conversations about Legos in the last couple of months.