5 Costume Ideas for Families with all BOYS!

It's October. Summer is officially over and it's time to embrace all things fall from corn mazes to falling leaves to COSTUMES!

That's right. October means Halloween and Halloween means costumes. I love dressing up and every year I look forward to planning out every little detail of what we will wear.

You see, we are family costumers. There is a theme. We all dress accordingly and have since Griffin was born. I love getting dressed up and I love being part of a group and I love these hooligans I call my family so it really is the perfect scenario for me.

It's gotten harder as we have to work around actual children with actual preferences (aka we will be dressed as some types of superheros again this year) but I never tire of the challenge.

Since family costumes take a bit more preparation, I thought I'd give you a couple ideas early in the month in case you wanted to force - I mean lovingly guide - your family into a theme.