The right Ryobi tools make all the difference

I received a 40V-X EXPAND-IT STRING TRIMMER and Edger Attachment from Ryobi and a trip to Ryobi headquarters in exchange for writing a review.  

We tackled our backyard with the help of generous family friends but - as you can see from above - our front yard was still a hot mess. Sure, there were no concrete planters but there wasn't much else either. We had two giant yews and two small but extremely sharp holly bushes planted directly in front of the water spigot and electric outlets (convenient!)

So, we called in Dava Hayden, a local horticulturalist, and the awesome team at Stone Haven Nursery to help us give the front yard a much needed facelift. Dava immediately suggested some easy upgrades we could tackle ourselves like painting our shutters. Then, we ripped out the giant yews and holly bushes and planted a beautiful array of boxwoods and flowering plants in actual beds!

Add in some refreshed law furniture and accessories from our local Trees n Trends and you've got some serious curb appeal!

Of course, all this beauty doesn't maintain itself, which is where Ryobi comes in. There wasn't much maintenance to the two giant yews. We mowed. That was it. Now, we had mulch and beds and walkways that needed weeding and edging!

The 40V string trimmer is super-easy to use and really does feel like gas power. Plus, the edger attachment makes maintaining our beds a breeze. I don't know why it took me so long to realize that the right tool really does make all the difference. If it's too difficult to use or requires lots of plugging in, gassing up, or recharging I'm just not going to do it. 

That's why I love the Ryobi system. I'm never running around looking for a battery or having to get ready to use the tool. I just pick it up and go.

Obviously, we also use the 40V blower, which my landscape architect friend called the most essential tool for yard maintenance.

I only bring that up because the awesome team at Ryobi is giving one 40V blower away to a lucky bluegrass redhead reader!