Top 5 Pregnancy Must Haves

the good and the bad) but I have a TON of pregnant friends right now so I thought I'd take a step back and talk about the products that helped me survive pregnancy.

1.  Leachco Back 'N Belly - Contoured Body Pillow  I could write this entire post about my pregnancy pillow - "Ode to a Pregnancy Pillow" by Sarah Stewart Holland. I LOVE this pillow. I'm convinced it is the reason I avoid 90% of the back and hip pain that plague my pregnant friends. I also think it's the reason I wake up only once a night (to pee, of course) until the baby's arrival. You might be tempted to get a body pillow that only supports one side of your body. DON'T. You want the full wrap around style. Your husband might regret it but you never will.

2. Pregtastic Podcasts  Pregnancy can sometimes be a lonely endeavor, especially if you don't have any close friends who are also pregnant. All you think about or want to talk about is being pregnant, which usually can't be said about your husband, childless friends, or coworkers. That is why I love Pregtastic. Every podcast features pregnant panelists who ask the questions you are wondering about and share the worries and anxieties all pregnant women face. They also all come back after their babies are born to share their birth stories.

Sadly the show stopped being produced in 2012 but that doesn't mean it's still not an excellent resource for all pregnancy, birth, and baby information. If you find yourself totally overwhelmed by the stack of baby books on your bedside table, this is an excellent (and less stressful) way to take in all that information. I still think their breastfeeding series is one of the most helpful resources out there for the new breastfeeding mom.

3. Baby Bargains  Oh, the dreaded baby registry. It seems like something that should be fun (picking out free stuff!). It's not. It's high pressure and overwhelming. Don't believe me? A simple search for "stroller" on Amazon turns up 8,550 results. How the hell is a hormonal pregnant woman supposed to decide? Because as much as you want to tell yourself it's just a stroller, in your weaker moments choosing between Chicco and Combi feels like choosing between Harvard and Yale. Your child's future is at stake here!

Well, Baby Bargains to the rescue! Most baby books offer generic (and less than helpful) advice like "Pick a stroller that fits your lifestyle." Gee, thanks. Baby Bargains provides actual reviews and ratings of the actual products. I haven't recommended this book to a single pregnant woman who didn't end up with a tabbed, dog-eared copy she described as her "Bible."

4. Sara Holliday: Prenatal Yoga Series   We all know how good prenatal yoga is for you. However, not everyone has access to good prenatal yoga classes or the motivation to add one more thing to her schedule. I also never liked how most prenatal yoga classes mixed women from all trimesters in the same class. My favorite thing about this DVD is each trimester has its own workout. They range in length from 35-45 minutes and are more than doable a couple times a week. I notice such a difference when I skip a week. When I practiced regularly, my body feels less sore and stiff and I feel more relaxed and less anxious overall.

5. Majamas Organic Easy Bra  There comes a point in most pregnancies where an underwire bra is simply no longer an option. I loved this bra because it is comfortable and super-soft. The best part is you can use it as a nursing bra after the baby arrives.

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What were your pregnancy essentials?