Turbo Themed Birthday Party

Amos's birthday request was simple.

"I want a Turbo party!"

Then a Turbo party you shall have my son.

For those of you who don't spend a large portion of your time watching children's programming, Turbo is 2013 movie about a very fast snail put out by Dreamworks in 2013.

We started with printable invitations designed by Party Innovations and went from there. I relied heavily on racing themes with some snail specific games thrown in the mix. Amos's biggest request was a "TURBO CAKE!!!" so I reached out to Cathy's Confections with the idea of a layer cake with a small Turbo on top. Luckily for Amos, Cathy came back with the idea of fully Turbo-shaped cake. 

Y'all, this. cake. 

Amos lost it for this cake. Turbo was the centerpiece of the party and he was more than up to the task. 

I bought plastic trophies as favors because kids LOVE trophies and set up a "refueling station" and that was about it. I had plans for lots of snail-themed food, but I have three kids now and it just didn't happen! 

My favorite party was actually the races. We set up Hot Wheels tracks and had the little Turbo toys race each other. 

Then, I made snail costumes from Oh Happy Day's tutorial and used racing flags to make a little track. The kids LOVED it. If you have not watched preschoolers in snail costumes race each other in slow motion, I HIGHLY recommend it!

Turbo party snail races! #slowmo #turboparty #Paducah #PaducahParty

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Amos was thrilled with it all, which is the only that really matters.