ULTA Beauty comes to Paducah


This post is sponsored by ULTA Beauty.

I am not a beauty blogger. I wear makeup and I LOVE my red lipstick but I’m not an expert or even a serious fan. Honestly, putting myself together feels like one more thing to do.

That was until I stepped through the doors of Paducah’s brand new ULTA Beauty.

I felt like Charlie as he stepped into the Chocolate Factory. Bright colors. Beautiful designs. Smiling faces offering to help you at every turn.

First, Ali, the Prestige Manager, gave me a quick lay of the land. ULTA Beauty really lives up to its reputation as a one-stop-shop. I wear a mix of both high end and drug store brands and it is SO great to know I can go to one place to get my fancy lipstick and my L’Oreal foundation. 


After I’d taken in the entire store and full service salon (and found out there are about 3 million types of blow dryers!), I headed back over the Ali for a makeover.

I explained that I’m a busy mom and I like looking nice but that I need a simple routine - preferably featuring products that pull double duty. I also told her I was in a bit of a rut.

Let me tell you, Ali was up to the task. She asked me thoughtful questions and definitely knew her stuff when it came to the 2.5 trillion (approximately) products on the shelves.

Here’s what I learned immediately. If you stop paying attention to beauty products for a decade or so, they invent new stuff ... BETTER stuff.


Ali suggested one of the fancy new CC creams from Smashbox that serves as a moisturizer, sunscreen, AND foundation in one. (Heads up people Ali says DD creams are coming next!) The coverage was good and it felt great on my skin. She also used a combination primer and concealer from Benefit. Ali swears by eye shadow primer. I was skeptical but hours later my eye shadow was still perfect. 

Next up, she applied one of Laura Geller Beauty's Blush-n-Brighten Baked Cheek Color. Apparently, this is the hottest thing. Baked blushes and eye shadows are molded mineral pigments that are baked so all the moisture evaporates leaving a beautiful new pigment. Fun fact. I've apparently been applying my blush incorrectly for the past 20 years!

For my eyes, she used the hugely popular Naked Pallette by Urban Decay and this gorgeous  TARTE Skinny smolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof LinerI had recently read this mascara recommendation by the seriously hip Morgan of the818 so I knew I had to give it a try. Y’all, the brush does tricks! You turn the cap and it goes from a lengthening to a volumizing brush! 

 Ali finished my look with my patented red lipstick, only instead of lipstick she suggested this Beauty Stain Stay Put Color by Pop Beauty. Holy Lord, it does. not. move. This product is a revelation! You know what a bummer it is to not kiss your kids or husband because you don’t want them to look like a burn victim!?!? Problem solved!


Chasity from The Brow Bar came over. Yes, they have a Brow Bar to address all your brow needs. Chasity and I had an intense discussion about brow rehabs and she decided my own rehab had gone far enough. I was in need of some maintenance. She tweezed and shaped JUST enough that I had a nice arch but wasn't overly thinned. She also used the most amazing Gimme Brow gel from Benefit. Again, another product I didn't know existed but now don't know how I lived without!

I left looking much better than when I came in but it was more than just a makeover. Trying new products, finding something that fits perfectly, looking pretty in the process. My trip to ULTA Beauty reminded me that makeup doesn't have to be a chore. It reminded me that makeup can be so much FUN! 

If you live in Paducah and would like to check out ULTA Beauty for yourself, come down to the Grand Opening festivities this weekend! 

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