20 Things That Can Make A Pregnant Woman Cry in 48 Hours

Earlier this week, I posted this status on Facebook.

All my incredibly caring family and friends expressed their concern. As I've gone through my week, I've had several people ask if I'm ok and said they were worried about me after reading my status.

Let me just tell y'all. There is no reason to worry. Highly emotional is not the same as sad. As way of example, I thought I'd take y'all on a little tour of what has actually made me cry in the last 48 hours. 

1. Garth Brooks singing "The Dance" to this lady.

In my defense, my friend McCall justified my reaction. "Well, that was just sad."

2. Going to therapy

Let's see. I TALK about my emotions for an hour. I was pretty much crying before I sat down.

3. Listening to Act One of a This American Life on discipline in school.

4. Writing a blog post inspired by Act One of said episode of This American Life. 

I cry a lot when I write. I figure if I don't cry it's not that good.

5. Listening to Act Three of a This American Life on discipline in school.

"Oh, I live here. I live in Brooklyn." Whew. Just trust me.

6. The sight of the sunlight through the autumn leaves as I stood at my kitchen sink.

7. Watching Amos and Carrie, my awesome hairdresser, converse for 15 minutes straight. 

8. Recounting Amos and Carrie's conversation to Nicholas later that day.

9. Singing "The Dance" in the car by myself as I looked at the sunlight through the autumn leaves. (See #1 and #6)

10. Thinking about my friend Donna as I put on my purple dress for World Pancreatic Cancer Day.

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11. Amos running up to me and yelling, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" when I returned from my morning walk.

12. Griffin telling us that he thought he hadn't been good enough for Santa to bring him presents.

13. Which led to THIS conversation, during which I also cried.

14. Finding this turkey Griffin made on the walls of his elementary school and seeing "My Mom" as one of the things he was thankful for.

15. Thinking about how lucky I am as I drove Amos to school ... triggered by the sun and the damn autumn leaves (see #6 and #9).

16. Facebook's WILD insensitivity to my delicate emotional state.

17. One of my awesome clients giving me a little unexpected present. 

Let's all try to replicate this one!

18. Checking on my babies sleeping peacefully in their beds before I turn in for the night.

At least there are no autumn leaves?

19. Basically every 5th kick from the baby, when I stop and think about this little guy and his impending arrival.

20. Seeing how concerned y'all were about my crying fits.

A bit self-perpetuating but still! 

Don't leave me hanging. What's the silliest thing you've ever cried over in an emotional state?