Baby products I'm still using after 3 kids

Recently, I stopped by News 3 This Morning to talk about baby product I'm still using five years after the birth of my first son. These are the products I've carefully packed away and pulled out to use with Amos and again with Felix because they are JUST. THAT. GOOD.

Amos swaddled in his brother's Aden + Anais swaddle blanket. 

Amos swaddled in his brother's Aden + Anais swaddle blanket. 

Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blanket

These swaddle blankets were new to the market way back in 2009 when I had my first son. He was a summer baby so I thought they seemed like a great option for the warm weather. 

I used them ALL. THE. TIME.

Then, I used them with Amos. Now, I'm using them with Felix and they still look brand new. They don't seem to stain. They don't even wear. They've just gotten softer and more wonderful.

Now, since then Aden + Anais has greatly expanded their product line and I was psyched to try the burpy bibs®, which is a burp cloth that then snaps around the neck for a bib! I'm also really loving Aden + Anais snap bibs

Aden + Anais is giving away a 4 pack of their classic swaddle blankets to one lucky reader!

Snug & Tug Swaddle Blanket

I use Aden + Anais blankets all day and then Snug & Tug blankets all night. My boys are big and there are VERY few swaddle blankets from which they can't escape. I bought the Snug & Tug on a lark when Griffin was a baby and used it every. single. night after he was born.

I'm not saying they never ever sneak a little hand up and out the top but it's very rare. 

If you're a swaddler, I can't recommend the Snug & Tug highly enough. 

Go Mama Go Designs is giving away a Snug & Tug swaddle blanket to one lucky reader!

Trumpette Socks

I realize novelty socks are a funny thing for a mother of three to be endorsing but hear me out. Trumpette socks are adorable and come in a wide variety of styles but they are carefully packed up and handed down to each of my babies for one reason.


Babies kick and squirm and Trumpette socks are the only socks I've found that stay on those little feet through all that movement. 

I absolutely love them.

Baby Felix sleeping peacefully in his swing.

Baby Felix sleeping peacefully in his swing.

Duet Soothe Swing + Rocker in Cascade

Look, I BELIEVE in holding a baby as much as you can. However, I also believe in occasionally taking a shower and meeting the most basic needs of my other two children. A great baby swing makes that possible. 

I'm a HUGE user of the baby swing. In fact, I've already burned one up. However, I was happy to replace it with the Duet Soothe Swing + Rocker in Cascade from Graco. Graco is the undisputed leader in baby swings and for a good reason.

This swing has all manner of fantastic options but - after 3 babies - only one matters to me. It PLUGS IN. The first swing I had ran on batteries and I was constantly replacing batteries in the most acrobatic of positions to prevent the baby from waking up once the swing stopped.


Graco is giving a Duet Soothe Swing + Rocker in Cascade to one lucky reader!

A few items I didn't have time to talk about but that I also LOVE: the Puj bath tub which is perfect for tiny, slippery infants, My Breast Friend for those of you planning to nurse, and the Moby Wrap which is the best option for baby-wearing early on. 

What are you must have products?