How to make snow cream

When life gives you snow, make snow cream! For those of you who are just getting introduced to snow via the magic of climate change, let me walk you through how to make this delicious icy treat.


First, gather your ingredients: snow (surprise), milk, vanilla, and sugar. Some zealots out there use heavy cream. Then, there is always Paula Deen ready to take it to the next level with sweetened condensed milk. However, I'm a purist and prefer plain old whole milk.

I think it's easier to mix individual servings. In my experience, if you try to make a big batch you inevitably have a ton of quickly melting snow cream and the freezer is of absolutely no help to you. So, scoop your snow into a bowl and sprinkle about two spoons full of sugar and a splash of vanilla to taste. Mix in the milk until you have your desired consistency and ENJOY!

Trust us. We've got lots of snow cream experience.