Pictli: My NEW way to give the perfect present

Since I started blogging professionally in 2011, I have gotten A LOT of emails. Emails asking me to try out this great new product ... or app ... or book ... or all the things. I rarely open them. I VERY rarely reply.

Lucky for all of us, I just happened to open an email I received from Frank, the founder of Pictli.

Pictli is an online photo gift service and app that prints, frames, wraps, and sends photos and Frank offered to let me try it out for free. 

I said yes but I was skeptical. Photo printing services are notoriously clunky. Photo framing services are notoriously expensive. However, I was willing to give it a try.


I sat down and less than FIVE MINUTES and TWENTY DOLLARS later a beautifully framed gift was on the way to my friend.

A photo of my friend's beloved basset hound I had been wanting to send FOREVER.

A photo of my friend's beloved basset hound I had been wanting to send FOREVER.

Let's just take a moment and talk about what would have been involved had I tried to send my friend a framed photo the old fashioned way.

1. I forget for weeks to sit down and upload the photo to a printing service. 2. I finally upload photo. 3. I forget for weeks to pick up said photo. 4. I finally pick up photo. 5. I go to a separate place to find a frame. 6. I forget about framed photo for weeks. 7. I either remember to give the photo to my friend next time I see her (never going to happen) OR I take a trip to the post office and maybe wrap the frame (probably not) and then send it.

Let's also remember I have three small children SO for every errand I have to decide whether or not I want to run the errand with children in tow OR use valuable child-free time to run the errand.

Do you see why this service is a game changer? Even if I buy the cheapest frame know to man I'm only saving a MAXIMUM of $5 or so - probably not even that if you add in shipping costs and wrapping.

PLUS, Pictli prints square Instagram photos and has square frames. I take almost all my iPhone pictures in square mode which is a real pain to print when most printing services only give you 4x6 as an option. 

It's a game changer is what I'm saying. 

In case you needed a little additional push to try it out, Pictli is offering bluegrass redhead readers 20% off through the end of June with the code SSH1506.