Find your Enneagram the EASY way

As I recently shared I've become incredibly interested in the Enneagram Personality Types, there are lots of ways to figure out your Enneagram from short quizzes to books to hiring Enneagram coaches.

However, this week I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts - The Lively Show - and the host Jess Lively was interviewing Leigh Kramer, an Enneagram expert. Leigh was listing the basic types and the healing attitudes that are helpful for each type. Much of what she was sharing I'd heard before but when she shared the healing attitudes it really connected me.

As in, she read the healing attitudes for my number and I started to cry.

So, here's a quick and easy way to figure out your number. Read each of these healing attitudes and see which one feels like a gut punch. I connected with parts of several of them but my number's healing attitude felt like someone was squeezing my heart. 

Type One

The need to be perfect. They struggle with anger and resentment. Their gift is serenity.


Maybe others are right. 
Maybe someone else has a better idea. 
Maybe others will learn for themselves. 
Maybe I've done all that can be done.

Type Two

The need to be needed. They struggle is pride. Their gift is humility

Maybe I could let someone else do this.
Maybe this person is actually already showing me love in their own way. 
Maybe I could do something good for myself, too.


Type Three

The need to succeed. They struggle with deceit. Their gift is honesty.

Maybe I don't have to be the best. 
Maybe people will accept me just the way I am. 
Maybe others' opinions of me aren't so important.

Type Four

The need to be special. They struggle with envy and comparison. Their gift is emotional balance. 

Maybe there's nothing wrong with me. 
Maybe others do understand me and are supporting me. 
Maybe I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Type Five

The need to perceive. They struggle with greed. Their gift is objectivity or nonattachment.

Maybe I can trust people and let them know what I need. 
Maybe I can live happily in the world. 
Maybe my future will be ok.

Type Six

The need for security. They struggle with fear or worry. Their greatest gift is courage.

Maybe this will work out fine. 
Maybe I don't have to foresee every possible problem.
Maybe I can trust myself and my own judgments.

Type Seven

The need to avoid pain. They struggle with gluttony. Their gift is joy.

Maybe what I already have is enough. 
Maybe there's nowhere else I need to be right now. 
Maybe I'm not missing out on anything right now.

Type Eight

The need to be against. Their struggle is lust. Their gift is innocence.

Maybe this person isn't out to take advantage of me.
Maybe I can let down my guard a little more. 
Maybe I could let someone else take the lead.

Type Nine

The need to avoid. Their struggle is laziness. Their gift is decisive action.

Maybe I can make a difference. 
Maybe I need to get energized and be involved. 
Maybe I am more powerful than I realize.