I’m sorry. I know it’s bright and cheery and oh-so-very graphic but I AM OVER CHEVRON.

I’m not a monster. I loved it at first, too. Chevron looked modern and hip. A pillow here. A curtain there. I especially loved it in kids’ rooms. I remember thinking chevron ceiling fan blades were the cutest thing I’d ever seen.

Then, chevron started to spread. Suddenly, it was filling entire walls. It was on wreaths and picture frames and bedspreads. 

Chevron was not to be contained. People started putting in on their nails and wearing it EVERYWHERE. Chevron dresses, chevron scarves, chevron purses.

Listen, I’m not opposed to any and all zig zags. Lord knows I love a herringbone. However, chevron has reached the point of MANIA. Children are dripping in it. Pinterest is drowning in it. It’s time to acknowledge that chevron is taking. over.

We all need to take a step back and acknowledge that slapping a black and white chevron stripe on something doesn’t make it cute! Seriously, put the pumpkins down, people! They are fine just like they are!

All I think when I see chevron now is in a couple years we’re going to be able to pinpoint exactly when a photo was taken by the presence of chevron.

“Oh, look! Charlene is wearing chevron! That must have been 2013!!!”

Let’s put chevron to rest. It’s had its day. Honestly, I bet chevron is freaking exhausted. There’s no need to beat it completely into the ground. I think we can all agree we don’t want chevron to go the way of way of tie dye and be sentenced to Dance of the Decades party until the end of time.

Let’s just give it a few years… or decades off.

Let’s let another pattern have its day.

I for one LOVE polka dots!

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