My Ever-Changing Living Room



I just redesigned my living room…for the fifth time…in four years.

On the same day, I switched around furniture in Griffin’s room, Amos’s room, and my den. Oh, I also just completely redid my bedroom. 

I can’t help myself. I am a creature of change. In many ways I’m still the little girl who would rearrange the furniture in Barbie’s dream house three times before lunch. 

For some people, a living space is static. My mother is like that. She tackles a major renovation every ten years but then that’s that. Everything stays the same until another decade passes. I think my constant redos and updates stress her out but I can’t help it.

Some of the change is because our family is constantly changing and our living space must reflect that. I needed space for a baby swing. Now, I need space for coloring. I needed a nursery. Now, I need a big boys’ room. Hopefully, I’ll need a nursery again before it’s all over and then there will be more change.

The living room redo came about because I wanted a space to truly escape from my work. My desk is in the middle of our den and kitchen so if we spend all evening in the den I feel like I never escape work. In fact, I sometimes spend all evening at my desk. Now, with the addition of some of our more casual furniture, the living room has become a place to relax at the end of the day. 

The best part is my “new” living room cost me zero dollars. When I say I renovate rooms, I’m not talking about custom drapery or new furniture. I’m talking about using what I already have and a lot of creative energy. My “new” living room contains a free couch a friend was getting rid of, a chair passed down from my mom, a new chair that was a gift from a friend, and a family heirloom. Two of my girlfriends came over one rainy Friday and we re-arranged and re-arranged and re-arranged until the room finally made sense. 

I absolutely love it… for now.

Is your home constantly changing? Or do you like things to stay the same?