My Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts

It’s spring, and along with blooms and blossoms come lots of baby showers. As the people in your life prepare to welcome a new little one, make sure you are helping them prepare with products that are Mom-tested. Everyone loves to purchase soft baby blankets or frilly dresses, but what mommas really need are gifts that make life easier. Here are the best baby shower gifts for soon-to-be moms.

1. aden + anais Swaddle Blankets

Not all blankets are bad! These muslin-swaddling blankets are a must-have for any momma, but especially one having a summer baby. They keep baby comfortable without the ever-present risk of overheating.

2. Happiest Baby on the Block DVD

Swaddling only works if you know how to do it. Luckily, Dr. Harvey Karp will show the momma-to-be how to swaddle, as well as institute the other five S’s to soothe a crying (or colicky!) baby.

3. Puj Tub

Tiny, little newborns are fragile enough when they’re dry, but handling a slippery baby during those first few baths can be stressful. The Puj cradles the baby in soft foam and has a small footprint, which is critical if your momma-to-be lives in a small space.

4. Fisher Price Cradle ’N Swing

Babies like to be held. However, Momma can’t get much sleeping (or showering or eating) done if she’s constantly holding a baby. A baby swing can help a new mom get back some precious moments to herself.

5. Ergobaby Carrier

For when baby wants to be held, but Momma has to go, a baby carrier is a must. Ergobaby makes a great carrier that is comfortable for both Mom and Dad and makes baby-wearing a reality from the first couple of days through toddlerdom.


6. The Beaba Babycook

Every mom wants to feed her child the most nutritious food possible. With The Beaba Babycook, homemade baby food momma knows is healthy and nutritious is a reality for even the busiest mom. Steam and puree all in the one container and know baby is getting what he or she needs. 

7. My Breast Friend/Boppy

If the new mom decides to breastfeed, My Breast Friend is a great breastfeeding support pillow. If the new mom decides to bottle feed, baby can hangout in the Boppy while playing with toys or just watching the happenings of the house. 

8. Sophie La Giraffe

Sophie is a classic and there’s reason. Babies love her spots and the natural rubber is perfect for teething. It’s the one toy every baby (and mom!) needs. 

9. Trumpette Socks

These adorable socks come in cute designs for both girls and boys and make little baby feet appear decked out in sneakers or ballet slippers. Even better, they are one of the few brands that actually stay on baby’s feet and don’t get kicked off after a few seconds. 

10. Diapers. Diapers. Diapers.

When in doubt, buy a giant box (or three!) of diapers. Doesn’t really matter the size because they’ll get used and the momma-to-be will be thankful for them no matter what.