Mother's Day Gift Guide 2014

This morning I stopped by WPSD Local 6 Today to help you find the perfect present for Mom this coming Mother's Day. From tech presents that make mom's life better to local finds around Paducah, I covered them all and have special offers on many of these fabulous finds for all of my readers!


Subscription Boxes for Mom

I love, love, love subscription boxes because they combine my two favorite things: presents + mail! Subscription services have come a LONG way from the Mug of the Month club. Today's subscription boxes are highly focused, highly curated, and highly desirable no matter what the mother in your life is interested in.

Nina Garcia's Quarterly Package

Nina Garcia's Quarterly Package


I absolutely love this service. Instead of subscribing to a specific product, you subscribe to a curator. If your mom loves Project Runway, you can subscriber her to judge Nina Garcia's packages. Every 3 months Mom will get a box containing products Nina loves and a handwritten note from Nina herself!

Does the mother of your children need a break? You can subscribe her to a box from Kalani, Hawaii's largest retreat center, and she'll receive items that promote health and wellness. Does she read every post on Then, send her Heather's Armstrong's quarterly box.

Y'all, Pharrell even has one.

If you just want one box in time for Mother's Day, the company recently watched The Best of Quarterly where you can purchase a single box instead of subscribing!

They are offering an exclusive $5 discount to my readers with the code momsday2014!


Love with Food

There are several great food subscription services that feature gourmet healthy snacks. However, only Love with Food donates a meal to a hungry child with every box sent. The company has donated over 250,000 meals to food banks across the country. I love the idea of a gift that not only keeps on giving but also gives back!

Love with Food has a tasting box for $10 a month and a deluxe box for $19.95 month so it is also super affordable! And if you love something in one of the boxes, you can purchase online at member-discounted prices.

Use the code LOVEMOM2014 to get $5 off any of the subscription plans.


Tech Gifts That Make Mom's Life Better


The Nest

I'm willing to bet that your mother has complained about being either cold or hot or both in her own house. Why? Because women suffer from a temperature affliction, our body temperature is lower then men's so we're often cold ... unless hormones are wreaking havoc on our bodies and making us hot. 

Enter The Nest - the LEARNING thermostat. That's right. This little genius learns when you like to be warm, when you like to be cool, and when you're out of the house all together! You can even control it from you're phone. 

Never again will your mother suffer from the chills or a hot flash... at least not in her house. Even better? The Nest can save you up to 20% on your home energy bills.



mini by Everpurse

If your mother's life wouldn't be made easier with a wallet that charges her phone, then I'm out of ideas. I encounter AT LEAST two women a day that complain about their phone battery life or ask me if I have a charger. I've seen moms beg strangers for a charge in a way people would beg for a light in the 60's.

The reason is simple. Our phones have to be functioning for emergency calls from school or emergency photo sessions when our kids do something adorable.

With the mini by Everpurse, the days of desperation can finally be behind the mom in your life. This little wallet will keep her organized AND charge her phone from 0 to 100% THREE times. 


Bellabeat: Prenatal Tracking System and App

If you're looking for a special something for a momma-to-be this Mother's Day, then look no further than the Bellabeat. Bellabeat takes the pregnancy app to a whole new level with a pocket-size digital monitoring device that plugs directly into your phone. Now, the new momma can hear her babies heartbeat whenever she likes.

The app also allows her to track kicks, pregnancy milestones, and even connect with other pregnant moms. 

Local Finds for Mom

bbQ & More

If your mom is an hostess extraordinaire, then stop by bbq & More for the fabulous Nora Fleming serving pieces that let her accessorize her platters for every party! They also have silicone lids that keep every dish warm until she gets to her latest potluck.

If you live in Paducah, definitely stop by and check out their personalized pillows and glass trays, which you can personalize with photos or quotes or monograms just for Mom!

bbQ & More is currently offering a free silicone wine stopper with every Mother's Day purchase!

Medical Spa Seven

Every mom likes to be pampered. If you want to be pampered in Paducah, you go to Medical Spa Seven. Beyond the fabulous spa services on offer, they have the most wonderful boutique featuring Bedhead pajamas (my ABSOLUTE favorite), Nest Candles, FarmHouse Fresh products.

They are also giving away one Nest Candle and the FarmHouse Fresh Sugar Sugar Gift Set!

Michelson Jewelers

For the child who wants to be the FAVORITE child, jewelry is a good place to start and in Paducah the place to buy jewelry is Michelson Jewelers.

If you are looking for a beautiful upscale option, Lagos is the perfect option. I love their stackable rings and bracelets and every piece comes with a lifetime guarantee. For something more affordable, the brand Alex and Ani have taken the jewelry market by storm with their stackable charm bracelets featuring everything from initials to sorority symbols. A piece from either collection would be fantastic.

Michelson Jewelers is currently hosting a great giveaway where you can win a present for your mom and a gift card for yourself!


Simply B Boutique

Simply B Boutique has everything from baby gifts to home accessories. It also has accessories to make your mom the hippest mom around from Urban Expression totes to the ultimate beach bag.

However, maybe my favorite gift I found all day - especially as a mom with little kids - is the Storylines Amazing Mom book. The book features written prompts and blank pages so kids can illustrate and thus tell their OWN story of the amazing mom in their life. It's a brilliant idea and a fabulous keepsake!

My readers can get 20% off at Simply B by mentioning they saw the WPSD segment!