Stitch Fix: Month Two

My second Stitch Fix is here! I absolutely loved everything in the box. My stylist was on point ... Maybe a little too on point actually.  

I'll explain.

First, I love this bag... so much I already own one VERY much like it. (Side note: Fount Leather is ARTWORK and I don't leave the house without a million people complimenting it. Get you one.) Now, this one is reversible (which is ten kinds of awesome). Alas, Nicholas wasn't convinced this was enough of a reason to own two such similar bags and I agreed. 

LOVED this blazer and it looks so awesome with the dress they sent me last month. Unfortunately, it's too big. That's probably my fault because I haven't updated my sizing since I lost a little bit of weight recently.

I love a good chambray shirt. So much I already own one! (Noticing a pattern?)

NOW, this one was a keeper. I've been needing a blouse to wear under jackets as I get more and more dressed up for campaign events. I love the color. I love the detail. I love that you can dress it up or down!

So, even though I'm only keeping one item, I'm still really happy with Stitch Fix. Nothing felt way out in left field and I was happy with the styling and options provided. Time to countdown the days until my next box!