You don't wear white before Easter

My great-grandmother and grandmother in their Easter finery ... including white accessories.

My great-grandmother and grandmother in their Easter finery ... including white accessories.

As a society, we seemed to have very few clothing “rules” anymore. No one wears black for a period of mourning. Women wear pants whenever they damn well please. Very few churchgoers wear hats or gloves anymore.

For the most part, I think this is great. Clothing is a form of self-expression and as such freedom should reign. (Within reason, of course... I’m looking at you dude in a t-shirt at a funeral visitation.)

However, there is one clothing “rule” that I still follow, despite growing opposition.

I don’t wear white before Easter or after Labor Day.

And I’m not sorry.

Apparently, my stance is controversial. I realize the rule was originally a way to make others feel excluded. This is probably why it sparks such passionate opinions still. In fact, when a reader asked me to address this clothing controversy, she private messaged me her thoughts for fear of sparking outrage should she share her views publicly.

Come on, y'all. This is serious but it's not THAT serious.

I follow the rule knowing full and darn well that there are exceptions. No one is talking about white blouses or winter white (a creamier white for anyone wondering) but listen. We have seasons here in Kentucky and seasons require seasonally appropriate clothing.

I feel pretty passionately about this, even though I’ve actually loosened my rules quite a bit when it comes to what to wear in what season. I once had a LONG list of colors and fabrics I would only wear during during what I deemed the appropriate season.

I wouldn’t wear pastels or eyelet anytime but spring. There was no hunter green or pumpkin orange or corduroy anytime but fall. Summer was for bright colors, flip flops, linen, and capri pants and I would only wear navy and gray and wool in the winter.

After explaining my long list of rules one time to a friend, she looked at me and stated plainly.

“You should really use your powers for good not for evil.”

Eventually, I decided she was right and I’ve gotten over most of these rules as I’ve aged. (And by that I mean I wear yoga pants most of the time anyway so what does it matter!)

But, listen, bright white pants just don’t belong in February. They signal spring and summer and sunshine. Don’t remind me of what I’m missing during the dreary days of November!

It’s not that I’ll judge you or love you any less. Just know that if you roll in to a Christmas party decked out in bright white capri pants I’m going to notice… and maybe raise an eyebrow.

What do y’all think? Am I crazy or do you save your white for Easter?