Things I've Worn ELEVENTY MILLION Times

One of the things that worked for me in 2015 was a capsule wardrobe. Paring my wardrobe down to 36 items made me think hard about the items I wear a lot and the items I hardly wear. Not everything in my collection was new and I'd thought I'd share the pieces that made the cut and that I've been coming back to for years. 

Black wrap dress I've owned this black wrap dress since HIGH. SCHOOL. It is 100% polyester and indestructible. You could wad it in a ball and rubber band it and it still wouldn't wrinkle. I've worn it to weddings (as in wore it to a wedding last month), funerals, parties and everything in between - including the fundraiser pictured above at the fanciest NYC apartment I have ever been to. I've worn it heavy, skinny, pregnant, and everything in between. It is universally flattering and I get compliments every time I wear it - even though I've been wearing it for over 15 years. 

Wool Toggle Coat I bought this coat from Brooks Brothers in 2006. It's just now starting to wear around the sleeves and I'm seriously considering getting the sleeves trimmed in leather so I can keep wearing. It is warm. It is the perfect length and a great color.  I love it so, so much.

Sadly, Brooks Brothers doesn't make this coat anymore but here's one that's similar. Larry Levine Womens Classic Toggle Closure Duffle Coat , Light Camel, 8

Jag Pull On Jeans Another item I've had for many, many years that I still wear the heck out of. I love these jeans because they are comfortable, flattering, and give excellent tummy control for those of us who need it. They've also held up well through years of wash and wear.

Stud earrings I'm not a big jewelry person. I keep it minimal most of the time. I got these Kara Ross NY earrings two years ago and I wear them, at least 5x a week. They have silver and gold and the white goes with anything. They're modern but classic.

Sadly, Kara Ross NY is no longer but here are some that are similar

What items have you been wearing for years?