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The Reinvention of Made in America

I stopped by News-3 This Morning recently to talk about products "Made in America." I've been noticing that the internet is once again acting as the great equalizer when it comes to American-made products. Instead of factories churning out mass-produced products stateside, American companies are creating well-made, high-quality products that thanks to the internet are available to a worldwide audience.

American Giant Hoodie

I'm just going to be honest. When my husband told me he wanted a $89.00 hoodie, I laughed at him. He had read a Slate article declaring This is the Greatest Hoodie Ever Made and decided he needed one. I was semi-convinced reading all the praise but it wasn't until I held an actual American Giant hoodie in my hands (and had one on my body) that I really got it. Y'all, this hoodie is SO. NICE. So nice my husband and I are constantly debating whether an event is American Giant worthy. Will there be fire? No go, don't want our amazing hoodie smelling like smoke. Will it be warm and require us to remove our hoodie? Nope, our hoodie might get stolen. 

Have you ever picked up a vintage piece of clothing and thought, "Why don't they make clothes like this anymore?" Turns out, they do. American Giant does and they do that by spending less on distribution, retail real estate, and marketing, and by spending more on quality materials and American manufacturing.

Critical Cycles

Critical Cycles is another company cutting out the middle man and using the internet to offer a superior product - made in America - to a wide audience. I first learned about the company from a friend, who is also a dedicated cyclist. I had told her I was looking for a bike and she quickly recommended Critical.

Critical designs, manufactures, and sell top-notch bicycles at an affordable price. They do all the research and development in-house and handpick all the components themselves. They sell a finished hand-built product shipped directly to you - no middleman so better products!

Critical Cycles is offering my readers 10% off orders over $100 with the coupon code BluegrassRedheadsSaveGreen!

Founded in 2013, FOUNT began with the creative husband and wife team of Phillip and Jackie Wachter pursuing their passion for leather bags and accessories. Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, FOUNT is using the highest quality leather and materials that are not only special because they are handcrafted in America but because they are destined to become heirlooms.

These bags not only look beautiful but smell and feel amazing. Holding a FOUNT bag is similar to holding an American Giant sweatshirt. You feel what you feel when you encounter an amazingly vintage product that has the heft of something well-made. 

Sonnet James

I've already written about all the reasons I love my Sonnet James play dress, but I wore the dress during the segment because it another company reinventing the Made In America label! 

All Sonnet James dresses are made here in San Francisco, CA, with fabric made in New York. Again, by thinking beyond the traditional manufacturing model, Sonnet James is offering a superior American-made product!