stitch fix

Stitch Fix: Month Three and My Summer Capsule Wardrobe

5 for 5, baby!

My Stylist NAILED it this month! I got the adorable maxi dress you see above - that fits like a DREAM. A lightweight short sleeve tee JUST as I was thinking I needed a short sleeve shirt to wear that felt a little more formal. A denim blazer that fits perfect (finally!) and goes with the dress from my first shipment and blouse from my second (which I've been wearing the heck out of) AND looks awesome with the adorable split neck blouse shown above. 


I also got this pair of shoes, which I LOVED. Unfortunately, they were too tight. No big deal! Emailed Stitch Fix and they're sending me the next size up. 


I'm feeling very good about the state of my summer capsule wardrobe. I currently have about 15 tops and 13 bottoms. I'm not counting church dresses or work blazers, but I feel like that's ok.

Next, I'm going to send my stylist some very specific requests. After putting my capsule wardrobe together (with a little KonMari thrown in for good measure), I realized I need some lightweight layering pieces for cold AC moments and better shorts.

For years, I never wore shorts but chasing three kids they have become a necessity. If my stylist can find shorts I love, well then we will KNOW Stitch Fix is the real deal!